Thursday, June 13, 2024

xat Issues

*This Article on xat issues has been updated 2 times! Updates are in red*

As you may be aware, xat is currently having some serious issues. Admins are working at their best to fix these issues ASAP.

xat issues include: chat resets, main owners unable to edit their chats, trade/transfer, bots, forum, wiki and xatspace being down.

We recommend that you change all passwords that are xat related, this includes your xat account, forum, chat and wiki (if you have an account), if you have used any xat related password on any other websites we recommend changing them too.

Your account password has been reset by default, you need to visit

The database has been rolled back to November 4th 08:04 GMT. This means that anything that has affected your account during that time (e.g trading, transferring, buying powers, buying a short name etc) will be reversed.

UPDATE: If you use the Google Authenticator we recommend resetting it, you can do this by disabling it and then re enable it.

UPDATE #2: xat staff has issued an official statement on the matter, which can be read here:

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