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Smiley Testing Guide for Beginners

xat_test is a chat to test things on xat whether it be new powers, smileys, features or just about anything you can imagine! In this guide, we will be going over the basic commands and tips that will help you with testing smileys.

To test a certain smiley, you can use the !test command in main chat followed by your smiley and the bot will test it for you. This command is useful if you don’t have the required powers or if you want to test out certain smileys from a power to see if you are interested in it. If you are going to test multiple smileys with the bot, it is recommended that you do so in the bot’s private chat.

You can use the !test command in a variety of ways. For example, !test smile#rg or even !test smile rg. Both ways will work however the bot simply adds the hashtags for you so it isn’t always necessary to add them. If you decide not to add hashtags, remember to add spaces between each item in your code.

When colouring/combining smileys, it is important to understand the different types of layering. There are 3 main types of layering: bkg, hands/top able and behind layers. All three types can have multiple colours, for example col1, col2, col3 etc.


These types of smileys can be easily colourable. An example of this would be the kxswoman smiley from the kxmas power.

Adding 1 colour will cover the whole smiley with that colour:

Adding 3 colours will colour 3 different parts of the smiley:

Also, sometimes a smiley back can be used similar to a bkg except that it combines and can be used as a back.

2) Hands/Top able

These types of smileys are pretty straight forward: they are either a hand or can be top able meaning they can go over other smileys.

When colouring hands smileys, it is often a little more complicated. You often need to repeat the name of the smiley when attempting to get different colours. For example, (hehe#r#b) will only give you a red smiley whereas (hehe#r#hehe#b) will give you a red smiley with a blue hand.

Examples of top able smileys include gmshades from ghostmon power or giraffe from animal power. These smileys can be easily top able with other smileys. For example, (smile#gmshades) will give you a smiley with the sunglasses from gmshades.

3) Behind

These types of smileys/effects go behind other smileys. An example would be burningheart power. (d#burningheart) effect falls behind the original smiley.

Depending on the smiley, different types of layering could be combined.

Thanks for reading and happy testing! Feel free to ask someone in the chat for assistance with testing smileys.

Guide created by Lemona (220341852)

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