Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Patch to Update xat_test


This is a friendly reminder that the chat will be reset very soon. The reason we are doing this is, we want to get rid of all testing accounts that are inactive or not in use anymore. We would also like to free up the user list as well with all those ranks and doesn’t make it too clustered up. It also gives it an opportunity for new ranks to be made instead of the user list being filled up.

Testers [staffs who are moderator+] will be only allowed up to the moderator rank during their testing and will be allowed to test freely on the chat. I have created a section [testing accounts] to show which accounts belong to who.

One more thing I would like to touch up on is activity. Activity plays a role in your ranks here and how you communicate with others as well as helping. Not something we should worry about as staff members since most of us are fine, but if you’re looking to maintain or earn a rank here at xat_test then you should be touching up on that.

On that note, we also plan to adjust some owner ranks, moderator ranks and member ranks as well. If you are demoted or promoted, you will know.

There’s reasons behind every rank and for these changes to be made. The changes for ranks will be posted here.

The following ranks were demoted or removed for inactivity:

Majora (557766019)

Seven (391983)

President (169883529)

LaFLeur (517650537) New Owner.

Rules will also be changing very soon. If you have any questions or inputs towards the ranks, then you should contact me and it will be placed into consideration.

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