Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Earning ranks on xat test!


Earning staff on xat test is strictly earned through a series of hard work and dedication towards the chat. Look below to get more information on what it takes to become a member and beyond!

  • Being active.

What does being active mean? Being active means someone who visits the chat daily, interacts with the community on xat_test, following the rules, and looking to aid someone in need of help. Examples include:

Being present in the chat – One of the key requirements to earn rank is to be active in the chat at least a few times a week. Being active is not just about sitting there and not saying anything. Being active means engaging with users, following/enforcing rules, and helping users whenever possible.

Reporting to staff – Private chatting rule breakers to existing staff members may increase your chances of getting promoted. Staffs’ goal here is to keep the chat moderated and free of rule breakers.

Assisting users – Users may ask for help on how to use powers and features related to xat. You may be considered for staff rank if you are properly assisting users with what they need help with in regards to xat.

  • Dedication to this chat room (xat test).

Keep following the above requirements and you will be promoted in a timely manner.

  • Having a good history with xat.
  • Users need a good background on xat. Having a bad history can reduce your chances of promotion greatly. This includes, but is not limited to, previous violations of xat terms and this chat’s rules, being known to be a scammer or other form of trouble maker, and having a negative outlook on xat.


  • Owners can recommend members as long as they’ve get the approvals from the main owner(s).
  • Owners should consider making members temporary moderators first than anyone else.
  • Trusted guest [Users who help the chat on a daily basis] are allowed to be temporary moderators as well.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the main owners.

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