Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ranks and Activity of Staff!

This post is just going over ranks and activity.

Ranks and Activity:

Staff members are required to be active in order to retain their ranks.

The first warning will be in this post to each members, moderators and owners. This does not apply to any volunteers.

If you are not active , you will be warned for the first time and second time is being demoted.

Members, moderators and owners do have a say in this by talking to each other and working with each other to help the chat out and making sure the rules are followed.

Activity plays a big role on this chat

Temporary Moderators:

Temp moderators are made if there is no staffs on the chat or simply by helping out others by pointing them in the right direction and helping them out if needed.

There is times when moderators are needed and not needed.

Making unnecessary temp moderators when we have enough is unacceptable. This includes using the bot to make temp moderators.

Volunteers can make temp moderators based on who they think is active and will do their best to help around.

This post does not apply to any volunteers.

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