Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Bot abuse

Recently a couple of users (I won’t point out names) have been abusing the bot which is unacceptable.

The bot is foremost meant to be used for testing, we have allowed a few extra commands for your enjoyment, however if you carry on abusing these commands, you will no longer be able to use them.

The following commands have been abused: “!cutest“, users are adding adjectives to it, which could be considered offensive, we no longer condone it being used for: “!cutest gay, !cutest ugly, !cutest homo or !cutest lesbian” etc even if it’s meant as a joke. Anyone abusing these commands will be banned and if the misuse continues, we may restrict the usage of it for a higher rank.


I would also like to mention about smiley glitches, you’re not allowed to test any kind of glitches on the chat, this includes making the bot do smiley glitches, you will be given 1 warning and then you will be banned

Remember that this is breaking the following rules:

3. Be appropriate
14. Don’t abuse the bot
16. Follow the xat ToS

Thank you.

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