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Updates for October 2015

Here is an update for the October 2015 session at xat5!

For this month, volunteers will be in charge of maintaining the regular day-to-day operations, such as selecting staff members and dealing with reports. The current plan is to select temporary staff members, so the staff team will constantly be changing. This system of staff selection may change in the future.

Very recently, the primary bot provider was changed to OceanProject, and then it switched to FEXBots again soon after. Since there is no single primary Main Owner right now, we can definitely look into bringing in multiple bot providers throughout this next month. This way, people can be exposed to¬†a lot of features that all the bot companies provide! The qualification is simple: There needs to be a way for users to test smileys, most likely by using the !test command, since that’s what people are used to. If an alias or custom command can be made for it, that works too.

Are you a bot provider, and would you like your bot to be used at xat5? Please contact me or another volunteer, and we can set this up. For now, I’m thinking a week minimum would be good for each bot provider.

Have other suggestions? Talk to any volunteer and we’ll be happy to provide feedback on it.

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