Wednesday, July 24, 2024


This guide is for users who want to block certain kisses, such as shark, snow, or globe.

Go to and install the plugin for your browser.

Your browser should automatically be detected by Adblocker which allows you to install the plugin for your current browser.

Go to the list below that says “Kisses URLs/Links”, to get the kiss link you want to block, then go to the extension page on your browser and find the extension AdBlock:

Click “Options”, then “Customize” tab on the AdBlock page, select “Manually edit your filters” and then select the “Edit”. In the edit box below, add the URL/link.

As an example:

Don’t forget to save!

Refresh on the chat page when you are finished.

To test if it works, click the 8ball in chat, find the kiss that you have blocked and click the kiss. The kiss should not appear.

To block all kisses, add the following URL/link:

Kisses URLs/links:

The kisses that you have “blocked” will ONLY be blocked on your side only.

If we are missing any contact the blog staffs!

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