Wednesday, July 24, 2024

xat’s New Forum Preview!

xat Admins have decided that we will be switching to a better platform which would be best for the forum community and user also much more better than vBulletin.

vBulletin was promising to us at the time when we did the change and had lots of cool features that would help the community out, but when the time came for us to do some changes to the forum we saw a few of bugs and quickly reported them to vBulletin which was resolved quickly through vBulletin’s patch.

Turns out the patch they released had even more bugs on it. This software has been out since 2012. There are no excuses for such obvious bugs.
It’s not a good idea to go back to vBulletin 4 either because that is old software and at some point will not be supported. There are also no major updates to vBulletin 4 since vBulletin 5 is out now.

Overall vBulletin wasn’t really wasn’t promising as they said they were.


Before I explain this new platform, everyone’s post and threads will NOT be moved to the new forum. That is why you were told to save all threads that you wish to re-create on the new forum.

Every single member’s account was moved over to ensure that YOU can login on the new forum and no complaints about account names being taken.

Keep this in mind.

The new platform is Invision Power Suite 4 (abbreviated IPS, IP.Suite or IP Suite) which is much more friendly use to the community, users and not confusing at all.

This new platform is much more lite and easy to navigate through, you also get live feeds on post and threads which is automatically updated there’s even more to it.

Somethings that you can do on the forum:

  • A status can be used.
  • A profile cover can be used.
  • Your identification / ID number will show in forum post along with your register name. Have the option to use one or not.
  • Have the option to enable recent profile views. For example, Brandon viewed your profile today.
  • Notification menu is easy to use based on what you want to be notified on.
  • Allow users to follow you or not.

Rank colors show in post and thread and there’s a rank image for each rank. (Don’t worry, no ranks left behind).

Forum’s homepage:

Profile page:

Profile information:

Post Area:

The link for each image posted above in order:


The new forum is NOT available to public yet!

Provide some feedback to us on what you think about this new forumĀ here.

There is no time or date set yet for the new forum, so please be patient until then.

Also, both forums will be opened to the community for a while so users can transfer their threads over.

So what do you think so far?

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