Thursday, June 13, 2024

10th anniversary smilies!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of xat 42 new smilies have been added to xat chats, you don’t need to be a registered user to use these smilies.


All the smilies are listed below:

[sc:power smiley=”applause” ][sc:power smiley=”donttalk” ][sc:power smiley=”joyful” ][sc:power smiley=”smug” ][sc:power smiley=”victory” ][sc:power smiley=”blowkiss” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”dull” ][sc:power smiley=”medmask” ][sc:power smiley=”sob” ][sc:power smiley=”wacky” ][sc:power smiley=”ecstatic” ][sc:power smiley=”ok” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”sweat” ][sc:power smiley=”wailing” ][sc:power smiley=”content” ][sc:power smiley=”farewell” ][sc:power smiley=”pensive” ][sc:power smiley=”tearhair” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”weary” ][sc:power smiley=”daydream” ][sc:power smiley=”flustered” ][sc:power smiley=”tmi” ][sc:power smiley=”whatever” ][sc:power smiley=”furious” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”sarcastic” ][sc:power smiley=”toj” ][sc:power smiley=”whistling” ][sc:power smiley=”depressed” ][sc:power smiley=”here” ][sc:power smiley=”screaming” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”ttm” ][sc:power smiley=”zany” ][sc:power smiley=”desire” ][sc:power smiley=”hih” ][sc:power smiley=”sidetear” ][sc:power smiley=”unamused” ][sc:stopfloat ][sc:power smiley=”dollar” ][sc:power smiley=”idc” ][sc:power smiley=”slap” ][sc:power smiley=”confounded” ][sc:power smiley=”unreal” ][sc:power smiley=”deal” ][sc:stopfloat ]


Credits to xat wiki for having list of all the smilies that were listed here.

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